“I joined Ankuri because I wanted to learn, be occupied… and I made money. It prevents us from unnecessarily hanging around, gossiping around, talking to people, wasting your time. You might have a chat with someone you might say something wrong, you might get [...]


“As a child we were never given knitting needles. They were too precious. So I learned how to knit using broomstick twigs. We learnt the simple knit and purl. I never thought that I would be involved in a place where I would be getting wool, thinking of new designs for the center, and knitting [...]

Geeta & Yashoda (sisters-in-law)

“It is nice to have our own money as opposed to asking someone to help. We don’t have to ask our elders to leave the house, we have the freedom to just go whenever we want to. With our earnings we can buy things for ourselves and our children. We hold a special festival for [...]


“I came from a family of teachers and my dad never scolded us, but he was a taciturn and strict man. He encouraged us to study, but I could not pass my 12th year because the local government school was too far for me to attend classes. It was at some distance on a lonely [...]


“My eldest son is seventeen and has troubles with walking, speaking, and hearing, so he has had to leave his studies. He hasn’t been to a doctor so we can’t be sure, but we think he has polio. This is even more of a challenge because I lost my husband six years ago to tuberculosis. [...]