Who We Are



At the heart of the PureHands brand is a group of women knitters in northern India, tied together through the non-profit, ANKURI. ANKURI (the Agency for Non Konventional Urban Rural Initiatives) empowers rural women through income generation. The centre is based at Thikana at Bharatwala- the home of Rachna and Dushyant Singh. The center aims to alleviate poverty, teach useful skills in knitting and business practices, and build upon the rich community of the people who have lived here in the foothills for centuries and who continue to follow traditional agricultural practices.

Today, the income generated by PureHands products helps enable the financial independence of over 100 women. At PureHands, ethical work standards are fundamental and at the forefront of our management strategy. By empowering the village women to become economically self sufficient, enabling them to be decision makers in their families, and improving the health and education of their children, our ultimate goal is to facilitate long term development of the community.